Fanta Klassik feat. Klee "Hello Again"

At CRYSTALS we see ourselves as go-betweens. We translate between agency and musician. We speak both languages and sometimes even more. We received a briefing and invitation to develop a national musical concept for the launch of the retro Fanta classic bottle.

Find a strong song and musical concept that fits to a retro bottle, retro recipe of Fanta - the „new“ Fanta classic.

In close cooperation with the creatives of Ogilvy & Mather in Berlin we found most of the suggested tracks exceeded the financial budget. Therefore we convinced our client to sync the publishing rights of „Hello Again“ an old song from Howard Carpendale - which almost every German can whistle. Check out this gorgeous video…

To save costs we created a new master with a known German singer from the band „Klee“, Suzie Kerstgens.

Finally, we killed two birds with one stone and even more…the old song got a new dress, the client got the retro move into the modern age and surprisingly the band fell in love with cover versions and subsequently released a full length album of cover versions only which entered the German charts.


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CRYSTALS is a berlin based independent music production company specialized in finding, creating, curating and strategically producing superior music for moving pictures.

CRYSTALS was founded in early 2018 as the new venture of Kris Steininger - who had previously run his music production company Pas De Deux. After producing over 100 TVC´s, contributing music to more than 10 feature films, various major label records and remixes he has gained exceptional experience, reputation and a creative global network of record labels, publishers, management companies and artists to find or create the perfect CRYSTALS for your needs.

CRYSTALS is based right in the heart of Berlin Tempelhof, but operates all over the world and wherever you want us to be.

Apart of our daily business with bespoke compositions, music supervision, clearance and licensing, audio branding, writing, recording or mixing songs, CRYSTALS is specialized in exceptional artist cooperations for television, film and advertising. Therefor we work closely with the music industries, management companies and established artists to find the right CRYSTALS for your needs.

We like to solve tricky tasks: so eg. if the exploitation rights of your targeted song are far too high, we'll develop and offer creative solutions where you can reach your goal, instead of switching to a merchantable soundalike.