ING DiBa feat. Grammy nominated US Jazz/Pop singer and writer Melody Gardot

Some time ago we created a new sound-logo for ING DiBa: „Di Ba Du“.
It was sung by Melody Gardot and was based on the original composition of „Strangers In The Night“ by Bert Kaepfert.

Additionally we chose „Baby I´m A Fool“ by Melody Gardot as the acoustic basis for all TV commercials of the bank as a link between logo and picture.
Aside from this collaboration with Melody, we also recorded her vocal performance during her European tour in Nice, France.
I would classify this project as a typical song sync for ING DiBa’s TV and radio campaign and a conventional sound-logo/music production.

Years later, after a successful TV and radio campaign, the client came to us with a new request.

The client was concerned that the annual costs of publishing rights for „Strangers In The Night“ and Melody’s song  „Baby I´m A Fool“ (published by Warner Chappell and released by Universal Music on the master side) were too high. The client was very happy with the success of the campaign, song, logo and artist herself - but was longing to reduce the yearly costs without compromising the strength of their successful audio brand.

In order to solve this issue we acted as a creative link between client, ad agency, management and artist. Our suggestion was to write and produce a new song in collaboration with Meldoy Gardot and simply add a new logo with the same wording „Di Ba Du“ on to the track. Our aim was to keep her voice as continuity, creating a flexible song module where the future directors, editors and ad creatives can simply switch from, for example, a piano version to the song version (guitar, drum, bass), with or without orchestra. Our intention was to satisfy all their potential needs for future TVC´s and radio commercials.  
Our clients were happy with our proposal and „Too Good To Let Go“ was written from scratch. We recorded the basic instruments live with four musicians and Melody Gardot at the famous Saal 4 Studios at Nalepastrasse, Berlin.

Here are some samples of the studio recordings:

Finally we added a full orchestra with the fabulous Metropol Orkest in Amsterdam. The last polish and final vocal recording was produced in the presence of the management of the ING DiBa and was mixed by Axel Reinemer at Jazzanova Recording Studios here in Berlin.
The client is even happier than before and has continued producing various TV and radio commercials incorporating our new song and logo.
The song itself can be found in our music portfolio, or at the top of this page.

Below you can listen to the new sound-logo:


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